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Most Reliable Dictionary

by hairey94 233 on Feb. 22, 2018

This website is more reliable than Google Translate. If use properly can be one of the tools to master advanced Japanese kanji through reading complicated materials like Japanese newspaper, etc.


While it''s lacking in some areas, it's quick, simple and efficient.

by StaySkeptic 275 on July 15, 2018

If you wanna look something up real quickly,  jisho.org would definitely be my first answer. 

-It's very lightweight on both pc and mobile, making it perfect for quick lookups.
-The interface is very easy on the eyes and easy to navigate.
-You can put in a few sentences
-You can easily list all words with a certain tag through the search option tags explained here: https://jisho.org/docs, and boy are there many of them
-it features a kanji draw lookup, though I find that of google translate better. This one has radical lookup as well however.
-It features voice lookup, but I've never tried it.
-Kanji have their own unique entries with animated gifs as well as still images to see the stroke order.
-It has found basically any Japanese word I've ever looked up that wasn't internet slang or something. It even has expression entries for things I can't find in a Japanese dictionary. 


-No offline version, but that's the nature of this kind of resource.
-Only english situational equivelents of words instead of definitions like any J>E dictionary, again, nature of this kind of resource. But it does mean you never get the true meaning of the word.
- the JLPT levels and common tag are incredibly misleading. I thought it gave a rough idea for word learning priorities, but it''s much rougher than I thought. A lot of common works aren't marked as common, a lot of less common words are, and I've seen plenty of N1 marked words much more common than N5 ones and not that much more complex in meaning or anything.
-The search has to be precise and sometimes I look up a word and get nothing in the results even though I'm 100% sure there is one
The romaji search sometimes has issues with words with the  ''n'' because it's a seperate syllable in Japanese or a part of na/ni/no/ne/nu. Typing in hiragana is thus advised.
-You can only show 20 words per page, and often words from the last page appear on the next one for reasons I can not understand. But hey at least it has pages unlike most modern sites.
-Only a very low percentage of words come with an audio sample
-The kanji breakdowns by components are incredibly inaccurate. Check the Kanji map for better ones.
-No Pitch accent
-Sample sentences aren't as good as other sources
-Co-location feature is rarely available, but I guess it's still a plus considering I don't know any other with it.
-It hasn't been updated in ages as far as I'm aware.
-Sometimes a word will only be under a word in ''Other forms'' instead of having its own separate entry, even though it really should just be considered a separate word. It just makes these words easy to overlook.