Joy o' Kanji ⭐5

Joy o' Kanji is a site for true kanji enthusiasts. The brainchild of professional writer and Japanophile Eve Kushner, Joy o' Kanji provides detailed essays on the etymology, usage and quirks of the Jōyō kanji. Once every week or so Joy o' Kanji produces a new essay featuring a single kanji. Reading such an in-depth essay is a fantastic way to really cement a kanji in your mind. The name 'Joy o' Kanji' itself is a clever pun on 'Jōyō kanji'.

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Fun, well-organized, thoroughly researched

by Ulrike 10 on June 1, 2018

I like the look and feel of the website. The content is diverse, engaging and very thoroughly researched. Apart from being well-organized, spiced up with lots of pictures, her essays are a delicious read. Every little detail is explained, and not in a dry but in a fun way with a great sense of humor. You learn not only about each Chinese character and how it is used, you also learn about various topics and cultural aspects that go along with each kanji.