Erin's Challenge! ⭐5

A Japanese website with various small Japanese videos and practice questions about those videos, as well as some additional content. It's similar to the reading sections of a textbook, but in video form. The videos come with Japanese, Hiragana and English subtitles. Also comes in other languages than English such as French or even Japanese itself.

Paid: Free
Practicing skill: Listening, Reading
Japanese level: Beginner, Intermediate
Web Version Available: Yes



Great supplementary resource for early-level learners

by NatY 27 on June 11, 2018

I often showed videos from this site to my students learning Japanese, when I taught Japanese at a high school. It is useful for showing language used in context, as well as giving a snapshot of landscapes in Japan. Speaking speed is natural and the site provides tools that explore phrases in a sequenced manner. This is a great extra resource for people teaching Japanese, but also for people studying independently.