TV Salesman Game for Android

While looking for games I can play in Japanese on my phone I found this game where you're a TV salesman selling products to viewers and I'd thought I'd share it with you guys. You sell your product, make money and buy better props/stages/helpers for your sales show

You have to pick catchphrases, qualities of the product, demonstrations, and testimonials from the options available to you. The game's quite entertaining, and it's funny when you get things wrong (While demonstrating some soy supplements I gave them to a pigeon and it passed out/died, clearly it didn't sell well).

Sadly there's no furigana, but as an intermediate learner I've only had to look words up every once in a while (usually because I don't know/can't remember the kanji) and it's been nice reading practice

Paid: Free
Practicing skill: Listening, Reading
Japanese level: Intermediate, Advanced
Mobile Application: iPhone