Japanese Kanji Study - 漢字学習

One of the most comprehensive and feature complete Kanji dictionary apps out there with many features to help you learn to read and write various Kanji. You can view a main list of Kanji ordered by JLPT Levels, the Japanese school system, Heisig's Remember the Kanji, Kodansha Kanji Learners Course and Kanji Kentei. One can make their own groups as well. One can then split these into smaller sets that can easily be remerged, and study them by flashcards, multiple choice quizzes or even writing challenges using the touchscreen, all with a plethora of different features. There is a very limited free version to try it out with only hiragana, katakana and basic Kanji and no custom groups, however for the full thing there is a 1 time fee. There are no ads in either versions. The complete version is on Android, however there is also an outdated, incomplete version on Iphone.

Paid: Paid
Practicing skill: Reading, Writing
Mobile Application: iPhone, Android