A website on which you can stream Anime with Japanese subtitles, usually those from What makes it better than just using those subs offline is not only the convinience of just being able to stream it, but also that Animelon allows one to toggle to display the subs in Romaji, Hiragana, Katakana and Japanese right on the side and English, and even various at the same time. Just like with Rikaichan/kun/sama one can click on a word to show a translation. On the side all the episode's text will also be there, which will scroll automatically based on what's currently said, and one can click a previous sentence to immediately skip to that moment in the show. It also features a history of things you've asked the translation for, and generated quizes based on said translation history. On top of that, extra tools seperate from the main part of the website are in development.

Paid: Free
Practicing skill: Listening, Reading
Japanese level: Intermediate, None
Desktop Application: Windows
Web Version Available: Yes