TangoRisto – Japanese reading for language learners

A Japanese reader for language learners

With easy to access furigana and English definitions Tangoristo helps you learn Japanese faster. News articles are updated and processed every day to give you fresh and interesting content to read.


  • Sort articles by their difficulty level
  • Tap a word to see its English translation
  • Furigana for all words + adaptative display by JLPT level
  • Highlight vocabulary by its JLPT level
  • Verb conjugation identifier
  • Bookmark documents to read later
  • Bookmark words
  • Extracts vocabulary list for each text organized by JLPT level and part of speech
  • Quick links to look up each word on reference sites like Jisho.org, Tangorin, Japanese Exchange, etc.
  • Tap-to-reveal furigana mode
  • Night Mode
  • Listen to audio tracks directly from the app

Text sources:

  • NHK News Easy analyzed and updated every day
  • NHK news for advanced readers
  • Matcha Japan Travel Magazine
  • Japanese folk tales

In other words…

TangoRisto analyzes short Japanese texts from the web to facilitate your reading flow. This app encourages you to read and explore the vocabulary in short texts from the Web. You can review the vocabulary for each text, filter it by your reading level and bookmark your favorite articles.

Paid: Free
Practicing skill: Reading
Mobile Application: iPhone, Android