Kanshudo ⭐19

Kanshudo is a comprehensive system for learning written Japanese. It includes beginner and intermediate lessons, companion lessons for popular textbooks, extensive kanji / word / example / grammar / name dictionaries, spaced repetition flashcards, a series of games and challenges, and many tools for practicing specific skills such as drawing kanji or studying for the JLPT. One of Kanshudo's unique features is a visualization called the 'Kanji Wheel' which displays your entire knowledge of kanji in graphical form. For beginners Kanshudo offers step-by-step guidance through the basics, and for intermediate and advanced users, Kanshudo offers a suite of tools which work together to enable you to study in your own way.

Paid: Free
Practicing skill: Reading, Writing
Web Version Available: Yes



Best site for serious Japanese students

by jennyk 10 on May 25, 2018

I originally found Kanshudo for studying kanji, because they have a clever way of presenting kanji mnemonics using kanji components. Over time I have used more of the tools and what I like most about it is how comprehensive it is - you can look up a word, find example sentences, study the word and sentences as flashcards, review grammar notes, and even play games using the words and kanji you are learning. Definitely one of the most professional websites for learning Japanese.



by hairey94 233 on March 28, 2018

Looks very promising as one of the free Japanese learning resources. Definitely will give it a longer trial run for more in depth review and effectiveness.



by JOK 10 on May 29, 2018

The creator of this comprehensive site has anticipated every need a kanji learner might have and provides scads of resources. The site has an innovative way of assessing your current level of kanji knowledge and will present you with tailor-made study recommendations. Other features include lessons for people of all levels; flashcards; functions to help you study kanji and vocabulary according to their JLPT level; a comprehensive word dictionary; games; and a component-based kanji lookup system.


Comprehensive resource, engaging and fun!

by LWhitfield 17 on May 25, 2018

I have been using this site for over 2 years now and my experience is very similar to that of Jennyk.  I also came to it originally to learn kanji, (and after 18 months or so of doing about 15 mins most days got to the point of knowing about 1800 or so yo-yo kanji with all the common readings).  When I started this had seemed like a totally unachievable goal, but the structured way the kanji are presented plus “mnemonics” really helped.  Over that time the site also really developed, and I now often use its search facilities, because having looked up a word (in kanji, romaji, English, etc..), you get immediate links to example sentences, relevant games, and you can draw the kanji or make flashcards.  So there is a good chance you will remember it.  There are also sound samples and various types of grammar help, as well as lessons.

But for me the very best feature is probably the “challenges” which are sets of linked games focussing on a particular kanji and words that it commonly appears in.  There are lots of different types of games so you stay engaged, and the level seems to be carefully set so that the challenges make you think, but stay fun!.  It takes a few minutes to do a challenge so you can do 2 or 3 over a coffee - I find this a great way of improving my Japanese!