Human Japanese and Human Japanese Intermediate ⭐5

A mobile App and piece of Destkop software that explains the fundamentals of Japanese Grammar in an easy to understand way that feels like a fellow human being is explaining it to you as opposed to a textbook. Any sentence can be clicked on to have it read out, and each chapter ends with a quiz. Available on Windows, Mac OS, Windows Phone, Iphones and Android.

Paid: Paid
Japanese level: Beginner
Desktop Application: Windows, Mac
Mobile Application: iPhone, Android



Great Pedagogical Approach

by hairey94 233 on Feb. 22, 2018

I'm really interested in the way that the creator approach Japaanese as compared to conventional way of teaching and learning Japanese. As the name stated, it is "human" Japanese, a Japanese lesson specifically for ordinary human who don't know what is Japanese and how come Japanese has three writing systems. The price is reasonable and not pricy like Rosetta stone. Of course, there are also free-limited use version. So, please give it a nice try and experience it yourself.