A rikai replacement for Android firefox with very fast text scrubbing. Built-in clipboard grabber.

Note: on Android, look up words with taps or shakes, not scrubbing. Also, it's VERY inadvisable to install Nazeka on devices with less than 512MB of RAM.

Nazeka is not ready for general use yet; it does not yet have all the necessary behaviors that rikai variants have, and hasn't been tested enough to identify performance problems.

Android support is experimental. After installing 0.1.1 or later on Android, navigate to the options, set the width to something like 250, and set the lookup throttle to something like 100 (milliseconds).

To open the clipboard grabber (a text grabbing page), right click on the browser action icon and select Open Reader. Android note: is nonfunctional, useless, and inaccessible on Android.

Resource information:

Link: Open Website
Paid: Free
Mobile Application: Android

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Very useful !

by Butabanana 151 on April 20, 2018, 11:13 p.m.

Awesome ! Analyses, deinflects and translates every japanese characters on a firefox page, basically what the rikai (Rikaichan, Rikaikun, Rikaisama, Rikaichamp, Yomichan...) addons do but now on android phones too ! Although experimental on android, it's very stable.