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Nihongo No Mori (日本語の森) 5 Nihongo No Mori is a Youtube Channel full of different Japanese lessons in Japanese, by the Japanese, which will prepare y...
Erin's Challenge! 2 A Japanese website with various small Japanese videos and practice questions about those videos, as well as some additiona...
0 A nice way to practise reading and explore news topics in Japan
on June 11, 2018

The site covers a variety of topics that have generally been a headline in domestic news. The articles are written in language that is accessible to intermediate-level learners and above. Furigana facilitates ease of reading for those struggling with kanji. A great way to develop grammar and vocabulary knowledge and enhance reading competency.

0 Great supplementary resource for early-level learners
on June 11, 2018

I often showed videos from this site to my students learning Japanese, when I taught Japanese at a high school. It is useful for showing language used in context, as well as giving a snapshot of landscapes in Japan. Speaking speed is natural and the site provides tools that explore phrases in a sequenced manner. This is a great extra resource for people teaching Japanese, but also for people studying independently.